It was a cold rainy day and I set off early. I like to be EARLY!

Traffic as you would expect was heavy first thing but the journey was relatively short to glorious Windsor. Past the old river for a mile or two and I discover the estate! Beaumont Estate is delightful and they have maintained it now as a Hotel.

I see the AV is being loaded in, I really am early but unloading to get all my kit and boxes in is easy for me. Bonus that I get to pick my spot, well almost, next to the FSB stand its got to be busy right by them I assure myself.

Then I get to chat with the team, a lovely bunch from Blackpool where I also have a supplier. Nice lot them northerners! Like my Mum! I'm now badged up and nearly set up as I chat to my neighbour about the benefits of product media. The coffee is strong not posh but from the premade jugs (I note more branding opportunitues :).

As the other early arrive-rs come in some a little bedraggled. Perhaps they had to walk further I consider :-/ or dont have a specific and useful (water rainproof) promo item of the day!

So what hot goodies did Original Thing use this time to promote ourselves? Well from the picture you can see the topical (not tropical) umbrella. Always draws in the superstious! Also most obvious we did a pop up roll banner and if you are already a customer we can still offer you the £48.50 + VAT price from your artwork supplied. We had card draw a competition to win one on the day and Emma virtual assistant from Pink Spaghetti won it. Congrats again (drawn my the show organiser)

The main give away I just had to have in childlike fashion, due to being compelled by spotting the new item in September's show was a sphere a 3D part of our logo, the red dot, now a lip balm! Original Thing's lgo has stood the test of time and our red dot has become our website XX amongst other things - now it has arrived to save the world - well at least my customers and new prospects from tired and cracked lips - OT the hero!

The event was EXTREMELY well organised with every detail considered. It was not cheap, in any way and I made some great contacts over a wonderful buffet lunch. The speakers some more of personal interest than others all knew there stuff and quickly the day came to a civilised close.

I must get out more was my thinking as I drove home! Ah and yes the follow lets make sure we do that!