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Don't you wish you had the balls? Too late, not too late?

Now that the teams are at the football World Cup we are glad everyone who ordered our amazing branded footballs are looking forward to using them to promote their brand and message.

We have used the same factory to produce these fabulous footballs since the 2010 World Cup. We have always been incredibly impressed with the quality.

However, the balls we have sourced in the last few months leading up to the tournament have been on another level as they can now have DIGITAL PRINT for more complex logos and are now all Machine stitched.

If you missed out here is the link to our last 'football' blog post so you can plan ahead and get ahead of the game next time as the men's EUROS are only 18 months away!

Check out these mini foam footballs in 6 different colours you can brand with a one-colour print on one panel!

  • 73mm diameter

  • minimum of 288pcs

  • Choose from pink, blue, red, purple, white or multi-coloured!

enquire about foam footballs

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To inquire about or order any of these footballs, please contact me today. Ask for a no-obligation visual with your design instruction, we can give you creative input or use one of our templates.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back for our next post very soon!



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