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Inspired by a vision made 100+ years ago

It may seem odd to share about this recent trip I took but bear with me as there are a few remarkable images and corresponding things you may find relevant.

Where was I? In the dynamic city of Barcelona famed for many things. One is Antoni Gaudi. 1852–1926. a Catalan architect and designer. His greatest work is still in construction! Sagrada Família we visited, went up in a lift 150 meters and walked down.

View from the top. Resembling something from a movie this gothic place of worship is visited by millions of all faiths every year.

I am delighted I saw the site in the early 2000s and the construction passed the midpoint in 2010. I took some images inside this week to capture the beauty and detail below.

Stained glass, tubular bells, construction work continues daily, a place to be in awe of the design and to see art happen!

Have you been? Please leave a comment.

If not take a trip to this beautiful city which has a super efficient modern airport. Getting around and eating out costs less than in the UK with easy connections by tube and rail. Plenty of taxis.

Airbnb it, or go full luxury stay at the W or the Arts. Hands up I stayed with my friend Steve this time.

'After relaxation comes creativity' I am reinvigorated to support your marketing efforts!

Steve and I walked 20k steps in just one day taking in the sights and eating the Tapas. If you want any tips let me know.

Brunch at the beach every day, Club Marítimo Castelldefels. Great food and hospitality. Fortunate to have 20 degrees and sunny every day.

I thought I better talk a little business, I wanted to share how many branded items Original Thing offers I took and used while I was away.

Here are a few:

Flip-flops, pens, note pad, journal, phone cover, torch, baseball cap, bags more than one style required, powerbank and leads, a slim wallet, something for the beach? Towel, bat and ball game, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, for the plane ear plugs, blow-up pillow, travel tag + + +

Go on holiday with your customers with valuable & useful branded items! Ask me for relevant ideas for your company and I can show you matching items.

I will send you visuals with your logo to show your team - at no cost.


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