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Save £££ and Save the Planet - Our selection o promotional drink bottles and re-useable coffee cups!

As many of us get moving around again, we thought it was a great time to share some promotional drink ware and promotional coffee cups, promotional bottles which all make for excellent promotional gift ideas!

Re-useable coffee cups, drink bottles, and sports bottles all make practical and useful promotional gifts and giveaways. With the latest printing technology, we can offer full-colour branding and appealing designs for a wide range of styles. Some with individual naming.

Did you know that by using a re-usable mug instead of a disposable one for your takeaway drink, you receive around every 10th for free?

These double walled options make for a practical and stylish option!

Glass mugs are a more sustainable choice.

If you are looking for maximum branding power and impact, these re-useable mugs are a great choice!

Here is a great sustainable option, these are made from recycled plastic!

We have so many styles available to choose from but here are some of our favourite water bottles!

Keep it hot in Winter and cool in Summer - These thermal flasks can be used by everyone and in every season, add your branding to make the perfect promotional gift.

These full colour flasks are available from smaller orders - as low as 15 pieces!

Glass bottles are a great value choice, with people moving away from plastic, they make a great durable choice.

We have many attractive well designed products made with quality materials

Infuser bottles are a creative choice for those who want something a bit different from a standard bottle. These ones are made in the UK from recycled materials!

Contact Karl Directly to order any of these products above. We have a great tool to help you keep up to date and plan ahead for your key dates...

Download our Free 2021 Promotional Calendar now! Wishing you a great weekend and look forward to chatting with you soon.


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