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Biodegradable Ponchos

Biodegradable Ponchos

Branded biodegradable disposable ponchos are a great promo product because they are both practical and environmentally friendly. The see-through design ensures that wearers can still see their surroundings while staying dry, making them perfect for outdoor events and activities.


The 128x120cm size is large enough to fit most adults, making them a versatile and inclusive option. The ability to print full colour on the digital inlay allows for a high-quality and eye-catching design that will grab attention. These ponchos are biodegradable including the packaging, which means that they will break down naturally and won't harm the environment. This aligns well with many companies’ sustainability goals and makes it a suitable option for eco-conscious events.


Branded biodegradable disposable ponchos are a functional and eco-friendly choice that will be appreciated by clients and help promote your brand.


Price is for 1pcs based on ordering 1000pcs with a full colour print on the inlay.


Corporate customers please contact us directly for specific order quantities and a detailed quote. Other options available please ask. As we are a wholesaler, we may be able to provide wholesale pricing better than shown above.


Karl Pearsall




Contact us if you need something special or customised that you don't see here. Artwork and shipping extra

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