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Coffee Made A5 Notebook

Coffee Made A5 Notebook

Introducing the A5 notebook with a cover made from coffee grounds - the perfect choice for coffee lovers and eco-conscious individuals alike. Not only does this notebook look and feel great, but it also has the added bonus of smelling like coffee, thanks to its unique material. The cover is made from coffee grounds, which are a natural and biodegradable material that would otherwise go to waste after brewing. The 80 sheets/160 pages of lined paper in this notebook are 100% recycled, ensuring that no trees were harmed in the production process. This notebook is perfect for taking notes during important meetings and business lunches, and it comes with the option of an individual brown cardboard box, making it a great gift or promotional item. So, whether you're a coffee lover, an eco-warrior, or just looking for a high-quality notebook, this A5 notebook with a coffee ground cover is the perfect choice for you.


Price is for 1pcs based on ordering 1000pcs.


Corporate customers please contact us directly for specific order quantities and a detailed quote. Other options available please ask. As we are a wholesaler, we may be able to provide wholesale pricing better than shown above.


Karl Pearsall




Contact us if you need something special or customised that you don't see here. Artwork and shipping extra

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