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Fully recycled and biodegradable drink coaster

Fully recycled and biodegradable drink coaster



Circle shaped printable coaster - add your brand to this responsible product - made from recycled materials that also biodegrade!  You will feel confident when you give these to your customers that you are not creating any additional waste that cannot be broken down.


rHIPS.b is a revolutionary new polymer made exclusively for the promotional merchandise industry with the planet in mind. 

5 reasons to love this Wonder Plastic 

  • This is plastic but not as you know it – made from 100% waste materials, no virgin material used
  • Fully biodegradable: broken down by over 600 naturally occurring microbes 200 times faster than ordinary plastic. Able to biodegrade in home compost, water and landfill. 
  • No microplastics just rich biomass & water: broken down by friendly microbes digesting the polymer 
  • New colour ways inspired by nature: inspired by the coastal influences of our location, Cornwall. Reminders of recycled history are visible much like the newspaper pulp found in egg cartons 
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK: and distributed from Cornwall to wherever it needs to go. Meaning no air miles and more smiles! 


Colourways include: Sand, Sky, Seaweed, Tor & Buoy all suitable for white ink printing 


Corporate customers please contact us directly for larger order quantities and a detailed quote. As we are a wholesaler, we may be able to provide wholesale pricing better than shown above.

Karl Pearsall 02088411252

Contact us if you need something special or customised that you dont see here.


***please note: artwork and shipping extra***

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