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Non slip Mousepad and screen cleaner made from recycled bottles

Non slip Mousepad and screen cleaner made from recycled bottles

A green, sustainable mousepad (and screencleaner) : made from 70% recycled PET (RPET), old PET bottles.

A super thin mousepad and screencleaner in one! Very small in size and because of the anti-slip layer at the back it does not slip on your desk.

The MP Cleaner can be printed full-color, all over. On the back of the microfiber cloth there are small silicone bubbles, creating a super grip.

AND: the anti-slip bubbles can also be customized!


NOTE: With this RPET Mousepad you support Plastic Bank: A social enterprise headquartered in Canada which aims to clean up plastic waste from our oceans while providing valuable opportunities for impoverished communities. Plastic Bank offers residents of Haiti, the Philippines and Indonesia cash or vouchers in exchange for the waste they collect, which then goes on to be recycled into products.


Corporate customers please contact us directly for larger order quantities and a detailed quote. As we are a wholesaler, we may be able to provide wholesale pricing better than shown above.

Karl Pearsall


Contact us if you need something special or customised that you dont see here. Artwork and shipping extra


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