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  • Your Events in 2022

    Event Merchandise ideas, Virtual events, Hybrid events, Promotional Giveaways, Eco Promotions - Here are the top products you need this coming Event Season! One thing for certain is that this time has shown the value of connecting online and those hybrid events With that in mind, we have put together some great promotional and event giveaway ideas to suit all event Poloshirts for your team Virtual Events Just because your event takes place online, doesn't mean you

  • Events Are Back! - There’s No Time to Lose!

    We're expecting high demand for event related products! I’m sure we would all agree, nothing happens without events... Confex, the event for events people is happening the very next day! for the events and related industries as they return. and stay connected to everything event and key date related.

  • Lanyards are still a keepsake and event stalwart - even collectors items!

    If you have events coming up soon take the opportunity to advertise (or get sponsorship on one side) Here are detailed product options that you can get custom branded with your logo for any event or occasion RPET Promotional Lanyard 5 standard colour or Pantone Match Available Eco-Friendly ink Traditional Events to lanyards we thought another example of wearable Promotions are wristbands Wristbands Eco-Friendly Event

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