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Badges The Classic Promotional Product with new possibilities!

You’ll be surprised just how many choices there are right now! From the original safety pin badge to eco-friendly products your options are endless!

Bamboo Badges

  • corporate name badges

  • promotional badges

  • clip-on badges for kids

  • reusable badges

  • full colour print badges

  • variety of fittings

With this all-new range, you’ll find the perfect badge to create your bespoke design to share with your customers. Whether you are searching for name badges for your business or a promotional badge to give away at upcoming events you are in the right place!

So, to help you make the right impression on your customers here is everything you need to know.

Each product below is of an outstanding quality you will be proud of your customers or colleagues wearing. The majority of the products have multiple options for sizing, colour, fittings, and printing. A fantastic example is the oak reusable name badge above (descriptions below). To inquire further, please ask Karl.

Production and Service

These products have a relatively quick lead time. Once orders are submitted regular updates on your items will be available. Every product you see is manufactured in the UK. In addition to this, the products all come in environmentally friendly packaging. At Original Thing, we aim to source your promotional items with the planet and sustainability in mind.

Here is the Badges 2022 Collection.

Button Badges

  • 25 -75mm sizes

  • safety pin standard

  • plastic safety clip/ magnetic available for larger sizes

  • 4 colour process print as standard more options at extra cost

Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel Badges

  • made from stamped iron

  • pantone matched enamel

  • your design will likely dictate the metal and the process.

Full Colour Print Clutch Pin Badge

  • clear dome finish as standard

  • maximum dimensions up to 35mmx 35mm

  • 4 colour process print or Pantone matched spot colour

Button Clip-on Badges

  • 45mm round no pin (great for kids!)

  • 2 part badge that easily clips onto fabric

  • digitally printed in full colour as standard

Bamboo Pin Badge

  • 3mm thick

  • butterfly clutch pin fitting

  • 35mm x35mm (larger available at additional cost)

Blackboard Wipe Clean Name Badges

  • 3 standard badge shapes and sizes

  • standard bar pin or metal clip and pin fitting

  • coated aluminium name badges for use with liquid chalk pens

Bamboo Blackboard Wipe Clean Name Badges

  • sustainable

  • 3 standard badge shapes and sizes

  • standard bar pin/ metal clip/ pin fitting (more options at additional cost)

Oak Reusable Name Badge

  • solid 3mm oak

  • laser engraved or full colour printed logo

  • perforated plain card inserts for personalisation

Wooden Name Badges

  • 3mm real wood

  • hand finished in satin wood oil

  • standard bar pin/ metal clip/ pin fitting (more options at additional cost)

Acrylic Name Badges

  • 4 colour process print

  • white backed clear acrylic

  • 3mm thick with shadow effect

Magnetic Name Badges

  • no pins

  • variety of colours

  • 100% recycled plastic

Metal Window Name Badges

  • 2 different badge sizes

  • choice of metal finishes

  • perforated plain card inserts

  • Pantone matched spot colours or 4 colour process print

If you have any other products in mind that you don't see here, don't hesitate to ask. We have a wide range of suppliers who we source from with hundreds of bespoke brandable products.

Alternatively head to our Instagram and Facebook for further ideas!

To inquire or order any of these products above contact me today.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back again next time!



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