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Brighten someones day with a beautiful gift!

Have you thought about rewarding your employees or spoiling your important customers and connections?

As we head into the darker months of winter and with movement restrictions in place, sending something beautiful by post to brighten someone’s day is a really great idea.

Despite many of us being in isolation, we can use this time of year to build our relationships both within and outside of our businesses. A number of us, myself included, are now living in a predominately digital world, which makes promotional gift-giving an even more effective and meaningful way to grow your business!

By sending someone a physical product they can enjoy, is useful and branded with a personal message, we can cut through the chatter from constant digital advertising. Something we can touch, pick up, use and value, serves as a constant reminder of your relationship and how much you value it.

With that in mind, this week I have curated a fine selection of beautiful quality gifts to help inspire you to send something out to those important contacts in your life.

These gifts and products will certainly be cherished and valued by those receiving them and are well worth the investment to bring some joy into someone’s day. Links to each of the products are below:

The perfect gift for team members and customers working from home and feeling isolated. These care packs can be personalised and customised to suit. Just imagine receiving one of these to your home today!

These beautiful leather items are functional, with excellent quality that will ensure they last, offering exceptional value.

Add some sparkle with these beautiful decanters!. You can engrave a message or branding. These gifts are something that will last for many years to come and can be displayed proudly by the recipient. Other styles of crystal glassware gifts are also available.

Plants - Gift Trees and Pot Plants

As they say, nature is beautiful and these gorgeous plants allow us to bring some of the natural world inside to help create an inviting space and environment for the home or home office. I certainly feel the need to stay connected to nature during these difficult times and your clients and customers. These plants make beautiful and inexpensive gifts, branding and messages can also be added.

Pens - Fountain and Gold

For a cost effective gifting option, these pens sets are classy and useful. Beautiful to look at (in my opinion) and beautiful to write with! A quality pen like this will also last for many years to come.

To make things easy for you, we offer:

  • Individual fulfilment solution - give me your spreadsheet and I can distribute your gifts to individual addresses

  • Personalisation and customisation, to ensure your brand and messaging is seen and heard

  • Need something specific you don’t see here? Stuck for ideas? I can help source something within your budget and individual requirements

  • Personalised service and guaranteed delivery

If you need some help, someone to bounce promotional ideas off, or any guidance on sourcing products during these uncertain and difficult times - do reach out to me!

I have over 20 years of experience working in this business and I’m always happy to chat and bounce ideas around.

Karl 02088411252

PS. Now is the time to get focused on new year promotions and dare I say Spring events!

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