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Create your own journal or notebook

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

make every page bespoke/ create your own journal

As you may know, we have sourced lots of different journals and notebooks over the years. However, now we can offer you the opportunity to completely design from the front to the back cover your own branded journal! You heard us right! Everything from the inside layouts, end pages, print methods and more are customisable.

Pick and choose the elements you'd like to include in your journal. Maybe you'll go full colour or choose a digital edge print with your logo? Whatever you decide, we can advise you as to the best options for your brand.

Now, you may be at a total loss on where to start. Well, there is no need to worry because we have plenty of examples throughout this blog post and other options, including diaries for 2023! Have fun creating your journal, and contact Karl with any questions to get your design underway!

Here are a few examples of how your journal could look!

full colour and other printing options

Completely cover the front back and spine with your design and choose a gloss or matt finish!

printing and embossing

Find lots more different options for printing and embossing including flocking, lacquer and foil blocking. If you like the look of any of these processes please ask Karl.

printed end and insert pages

Pantone or full colour end pages or inserts.

digital edge printing

Add your logo or an image to the edge of your design to make it really stand out! Alternatively Pantone colour match to your brand.


create your own journal layout example

Design your own layout and choose where to overprint your logos, photos and messages.

stitching and binding and extras

Choose a stitching to suit your brand to match with the material you have opted for your cover. You can also add an envelope to store notes.

elastic bands and pen loops

create your own journal elastic band examples

Add an elastic band to hold shut all your important notes and choose whether to include a pen loops to make sure you never loose yours.

branded belly bands and boxing

Print up to 4 colours to your band. Also add your logo to your packaging to keep your journals safe for your customers.


create your own journal branded ribbons

Print your text or logos on a ribbon colour that works for your brand.

Now we have other options including diaries for 2023 and other brandable journals

eco blind embossing

Left - 100% recyclable notebooks with lined pages with textured material.

Middle/Right - Made from sustainably sourced apples, these journals feature elastic band/ pen loop and ribbons, internal pocket for storing notes safely and come with lined pages. Add your design using digital printing or choose blind embossing which will not only make your design stand out but more eco than using other methods. Also available as part of a gift set!

2023 eco-friendly diaries

Digitally print or emboss these eco diaries for 2023 with 160 pages with a weekly view.

hard back Pantone matched notebooks

Includes ribbon, elastic closure, pen loop, 196 lined pages and are A4 in size. Also 12 Pantone closest match colours upon which your can add your own design with various methods including sot colouring and foil blocking.

magnetic notebook

With a whole range of colours for your notebook including ribbons, end pages, pockets, and magnet closure. Also choose whether to have lined, plain, squared or another layout inside. Select your branding methods including digital print, debossing, liquid metal and foil blocking as shown above. Other extra features are available too.

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To inquire about or order any of these journals, notebooks or diaries please contact me today. Ask for a no-obligation visual with your design instruction, we can give you creative input or use one of our templates.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back for our next one very soon!



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