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Do you know what RPET is? Here's why you need to know!

Do you know what your promotional products are made from? What about where they come from? Well at Original Thing, we are becoming increasingly conscious of the journey the products we source go on. With responsible sourcing, RPET products are one of the largest sustainable categories. So, this got us thinking, do people know what RPET is?


The basic answer is that RPET is recycled polyethene tetraphyte. Many everyday products are produced from RPET such as pens and jackets. Additionally, it's used for lots of packaging. The material is a brilliant alternative to PET.

RPET uses up to 50% less energy than making virgin PET. With normal PET its properties can take 700 years to break down when sent to landfill. PET takes existing plastic reduces it tiny parts which are melted down to extract the core PET.

Often with RPET, it's thought the only products you can get are water bottles. However, you will be amazed at the vast range of products manufactured from this fantastic material.

Here are some of the RPET products we can source for you!

RPET water Bottles

  • print on lid too

  • lots of colour choice

  • various print methods and positions to choose from

RPET drawstring bags

  • practical product

  • different textures and colours

  • blue and felt option made from recycled bottles

RPET kids backpacks

  • 4 colours

  • 2 compartments

  • Adjustable straps

executive RPET backpacks

  • durable

  • 4 colours

  • 47x16x31 in size

RPET beanies and gloves

  • Unique products

  • also available knitwear sets

  • gloves design for use with touch screen

  • laser engrave hat and/or embroider gloves

RPET notebooks

  • recycled paper too

  • different options all RPET

  • No compromise on quality

  • RPET sports towel and foldaway bag

Red RPET sports towel and foldaway bag with print on towel

  • 4 colours

  • unique product

  • print towel and/or bag

RPET wristbands

green and white RPET wristbands with different designs and closures
  • choice of closure

  • classic promo product

  • brilliant all year round for concerts and events

We look forward to furthering the efforts we make to inform or buyers by sharing what we call 'The Green Dictionary' in the coming months. Including looking at greenwashing, complacency and more.

For now though, we are proud to use suppliers who can confidently tell us where the product comes from and the journey they go on before finally getting to you.

If you have any other products in mind that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to ask. We have a wide range of suppliers we source from with hundreds of bespoke brandable products.

Alternatively, head to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for further ideas!

To inquire about or order any of these products, contact me today. Ask for a no-obligation visual with your design instruction, we can give you creative input or use one of our templates.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back again next time!



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