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February 10th is National Umbrella Day - We celebrate one of our most beloved promotional products

With February being one of the most dreary and wet months of the year, February 10th became known as National Umbrella Day, to acknowledge this most useful of inventions... The faithful and sometimes indispensable Umbrella.

In Celebration we pulled together a list of some of the different styles and types available for branding. Branding can be added to the tie closure, the shaft, the handle or cover! PLEASE ASK. From Stylish to practical, masculine, feminine and unisex, there is an umbrella to suit every body, every brand and every purpose.

**SPECIAL OFFER PRICING** For the month of February, we are offering 1 x Free Screen for every 50 Umbrellas - Contact Karl Today for Details

For some ordering inspiration, Scroll down to see just some of the promotional umbrellas we have available....

Ultimate all weather protection and strength. Ideal for all year round outdoor activities and to have on hand for customers and guests.

Eco Umbrellas Also Available!

Did you know - one of our suppliers has a factory that is powered fully by renewable energy sources

These walking length umbrellas are the perfect size and style for multiple uses and with many branding options and colours make for the perfect giveaway.

The neat and ultra convenient choice for everyone, these make excellent giveaways for your customers.

To go with the the folding umbrella, this integrated bag and pouch is an attractive and practical product.

Pantone matching and photographic quality images available on this one too.

The branding possibilities with these products are endless.

Here is is a product we sourced for one of our customers - The branding was added to the tie.

This enabled their brand to be seen when the umbrella is closed or open.

Whatever the weather and whatever your needs, we have you covered with our wide range of products and sourcing ability.

Just a reminder - If you didn't know it was umbrella day today -Sign up for our Free 2021 Promotional Calendar and take advantage of every promotional event opportunity available.



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