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headwear stands out for any occasion

Updated: Dec 25, 2022


If you're looking for some ideas for your promo products for the next campaign you have lined up next, look no further than our all-new range of headwear. Add your design to our variety of caps, hats, snoods and more to create an original product! We have you covered for every season and occasion you can imagine.

Now when it comes to printing options, we can help you decide the best option for your design and product. The two options with headwear are digital print or embroidery, depending on the specific product.

Right, this minute you may be thinking, 'what is a snood?' Or maybe 'do you have any bucket hat examples?' Well, scroll up to find out!

We hope you get some fantastic ideas for your next campaign!

Here are a few examples different hats you can choose!

Christmas headwear

It's not to late to get your festive hats and headwear!


We have a whole variety of styles and print methods for snoods right now! Print 360° wrap around to get the most of the HUGE print area. Maybe choose a beanie style to print them different on each side? You can also line yours with fleece.

baseball cap styles

Choose to design a cap tailor made to your requests. Go full colour print, choose embroidery or printing or perhaps use multi colour fabrics. We'll help you find what works for your brand.

bucket hats

Bucket hats are by far a very popular choice at the moment, so of course, we have included a few examples for you.


Did you know that pineapples are the symbol for hospitality? We didn't!


As with the caps choose to tailor make a fabulous design that will catch the eyes of all your customers. Will you choose a bobble on top or not?

panama hats

Design a unique look with panama hats ready for any event or occasion.

trilby hats

Create a stylish hats by branding the band with your design! All are made from 100% polyester.

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To inquire about or order any of these caps, hats or snoods please contact me today. Ask for a no-obligation visual with your design instruction, we can give you creative input or use one of our templates.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back for our next one very soon!



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