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POWER UP with us... How we help our customers to use Promotional Products to grow their brand!

We caught up with Lucy and Syd at Clock about a branding project we helped them out with recently.

The team at Clock were able to spread their brand message and connect with employees and customers using fun and creative branded promotional products.

Even during a challenging business environment such as now, it proves there is always an opportunity to stay top of mind and bring a smile to peoples faces.

Background Details:

Clock is a multiple award winning digital agency which has been trading for 22 years. They work collaboratively with their clients to deliver transformative digital solutions; designed, built and managed by their team of specialists.

The Project/Brief:

  • Inject a sense of community back into the company

  • Make up for the lack of company Christmas Party

  • Update their existing merchandise company branding and slogan to “Its About Time” and foster connection of the new branding with the team

The Approach:

  • Give out some fun 'company swag' to their staff and clients with the new branding.

  • Use these products to help clients and teams feel connected with the organisation during lockdown

  • Make the merchandise as meaningful and purposeful as possible.

  • The timeline was incredibly tight to have it all delivered before Christmas

The Solution and Products:

“All of the quality products Karl sourced for us suited perfectly and looked great. They really showed off the new branding and they were quality items that people would want to keep with them.”

The Notebooks

  • Clock mission statement printed onto every notebook

  • Feature printing not just on the front but on the sides of the pages for maximum branding impact and WOW factor

  • Clock brand front of mind as the journals are used throughout the year

Fun Gifts!!

  • Fabulous and special treat for the team.

“Sharing some nice products was important for us, especially at Christmas Time”.

Syd Nadim, founder at Clock.

Custom labelled gin

Branded Gin Bottle
Want to give creative and enjoyable gifts? Branded Gin, wine and other premium products are available!

USB disco lights

  • Lighthearted and fun

  • Representative of the brand

  • Unique Product

The Power Banks / Portable Chargers:

  • Constant reminder of the brand

  • Useful product that is regularly utilised serves as a constant brand reminder

The Result?

What started off as a bit of a revamp of Clock’s branding actually led to them developing better relationships with their clients and employees through the process.

Delivering the personalised promotional merchandise out to their team members and clients and the creative way the branding was utilised on the products helped to build a personal connection with their brand.

This connection will continue to grow as the products are used throughout the year, even as more face to face contact resumes within the business.

Here is some of the awesome feedback we received:

“Karl really listened to our needs and helped to guide us in the right direction. With Karls guidance the process was easy and we felt that we had exceeded achieving our goals and objectives that we set out at the start, including getting the products delivered with little time.”

“We will definitely continue to use the services of Karl and Original Thing again for anything to do with promotions and marketing activities in the future.”

Need some help with your next branding or marketing activities, book in with Karl for a free consultation today!



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