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Print a full colour design to one of these pens

We recently did a campaign on full-colour products and with pens being our number one seller we thought we would dedicate a blog to them!

Pens are the most popular promotional product on the market today. The possibilities for designing your pen are endless, but we wanted to bring to your attention full-colour printing. Whether you are looking for the classic BIC 4 Colour Pen or an eco-friendly option we can help brand it.

These pens that we have selected for you are perfect for full colour as they have large surface areas to give emphasis to your message.

You will see that most of these pens are mainly white. The reason for this provides the best blank canvas to print your design in full colour.

For any questions please contact Karl.

What is full-colour printing?

Full colour printing is a process that reproduces photographic quality images. It is known as full colour because it mixes the four colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to create each colour in the spectrum individually.

So, here we have a range of these pens for you to see.

metal digital clip print

  • blue or black ink

  • twist action

  • brush metal finish

  • fabulous 4 barrel colours

  • 8 clear or polished clip options

These metal pens are premium and are not inexpensive. However, they really have a WOW factor in the way they look and feel with the added advantage of the clip print in full colour. Fabulous for a special occasion, impressive impact, or a Xmas gift..

metallic shine trim pen with digital wrap print

  • choice of 8 colours

  • matching trim and clip

  • moveable clip for 360° print

slimline ballpoint pen with digital wrap print

  • black or blue ink

  • choice of 6 colours

  • retractable ballpoint

  • photographic quality print

BIC 4 colour pen with digital wrap print

  • timeless classic - celebrating 50 years!

  • white surface - best for full colour print

  • standard 4 colours of ink or special edition colours avail.

chrome trim pen with digital wrap print

  • chrome finish

  • black or blue ink

  • choice of 6 colours

  • matching colour clip and grip

  • wide barrel with a large surface area for 360° print

plastic ballpoint chrome finish retractor with digital wrap print

  • large print area

  • black or blue ink

  • choice of 10 colours

Don't quite see the style but want photographic reproduction on the pen,

please ask. We have a wide range of international suppliers we source from.

There are hundreds of bespoke brandable products available to you.

Why not head to our twitter, Instagram and Facebook for further ideas!

To inquire about or order any of these products, contact me today.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back again next time!



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