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Share some happiness and smiles with a great gift!

Are you thinking about surprising your customers and team members with treats and gifts this December?

With our individual fulfilment solution, I can make it easy for you!

Why not foster a sense of connectedness by sending everyone you care about a nice surprise by mail or courier in December.

We have a beautiful range of products available to be packaged and mailed out directly to those important people and customers in your life and in your business - we can work from your instructions and spreadsheet! There is opportunity to include other items and collateral too.

Here are some (very tasty) ideas to help you stay close at this time, even when most of us have to be physically apart...

Let's start with - Chocolate Boxes, Cookies, Sweets and Hampers

Just imagine how it would feel to receive one of these beautiful gifts from your suppliers right now…

Check out our products section on the site for pricing and details:

And for the more practical gift givers among us - here is some inspiration for you too:

Journals and notebooks

These Italian journals have the WOW factor to make perfect gifts. Combining sustainability, beauty and functionality - they are my favourite go to, when it comes to notebooks and journals.

Our favourite new product - The Printed Face Mask Pouch

I love new products and especially when they solve an existing problem.

These handy mask pouches are a great practical gift idea. With enough space to hold a small hand sanitiser and mask, they keep your items clean and secure.

Printable in full colour, you can customise them to suit your brand.

How Easy is it to send some of these gifts out to separate addresses you ask?

Too Easy!

Our individually addressed fulfilment solution allows us to take care of the headache of sourcing, sorting and sending. No need to leave your desk/home or wherever you are.

Not only will the recipients of your special deliveries have their day significantly enhanced and brightened... Studies show that giving gifts can be beneficial to the giver too!

Let's all take the opportunity to feel good. We know giving brings us closer!

Here are some other tips for staying connected with your teams and customers:

  • Video calls - follow up sending your gift with a video call, this will make it more meaningful and you may even get to see the look on the recipients face!

  • Plan some activities together online - book in and plan some activities online with your friends and colleagues

    • Have a Netflix Party - watch some films or shows together online

    • Participate or create your own Cooking classes, sharing recipes and cooking tips

    • Have a wine and beer tasting session online

    • Either get some friends together to create a Book club or join one of the many new online groups that have formed to expand your network and create new relationships

    • Do some Exercise together online

    • Dinner or Lunch - share a dinner or lunch with clients and colleagues virtually

  • Celebrate those happy occasions - Use our fulfilment solution to send a gift to someone special, give them a video call, watch them open the package and then share a drink or a coffee together online!

If you need some help, someone to bounce promotional ideas off, or any guidance on sourcing products during these uncertain and difficult times - do reach out to me!

I have over 20 years of experience working in this business and I’m always happy to chat and bounce ideas around.

Karl 02088411252

PS. I want you to know that most of our suppliers and I are remaining open and here to support you and your business in any way we can during this period and the coming months.

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