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❤️Show your customers you love them this Valentines Day ❤️

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We all know of the romantic side of Valentines Day... but have you thought of expanding the idea this year to include your valued customers or team members?

With many of us having little or no contact and working from home, now more than ever, we are all in need of some love and appreciation.

Why send promotional Valentines Day gifts to your customers you ask?

During good economic times and during a downturn, promotional products have so many benefits to help you build your business:

  • Encourage strong client retention

  • Generate brand loyalty

  • They give your brand more personality and tangibility

  • Raise your brands profile

  • People like receiving gifts, tell people that you care and thank you for being a customer

  • When a customer receives a gift, it creates a feeling of wanting to “give back” to the person or business who gave the gift.

  • Build a more personal relationship with your customers and turn them into ambassadors

Here are some cost-effective promotional ideas for Valentine-themed branded and personalised products.

Send some love in a physical and tangible way this Valentines’ Day. We can send items direct to your clients’ homes or workplaces to make the process entirely hassle-free.

Send some of these Tasty Treats out today:

And, if chocolate is not your thing, perhaps these heart shaped stress balls will be a welcome addition to your clients desks during February:

#SpreadtheLove with these personalised gift ideas:

If you are looking for a great tool to help you in planning ahead for your promotional activities to suit your business and industry (and save some money):




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