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We ❤️ Journals & Notebooks 📖

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

There's no arguing that custom journals and notebooks make great promotional advertising gifts.


  • Because they have a high perceived value.

  • They are used in a range of situations, they are relevant to all types of businesses.

  • They are taken to meetings and are kept close to hand.

  • They help us to keep track of our thoughts, ideas, inspiration and they are often on display!

  • On top of that, they're also easy to store, carry and they last a long time!

We can from a wide range of manufacturers offer them in a wide range of materials and custom branding.... Making them a unique gift.

In addition to Journals, we have some other great complimentary products.

Pens and hot drinkware are great additions and can really add to the home office and work environment.

Here are some of our favourite Journals you and your customers are sure to love!

Full Colour Print all over Front, back, sides inside. Click here for more

Theres no need to sacrifice style for sustainability with these beautiful journals made from recycled materials Be as creative as you like with your branding and style.

The possibilities are endless, including a big focus on Eco and sustainable products, here are just some of the options

  • Recycled Paper

  • Reconstructed Leather

  • Grass Paper

  • All Natural materials and fibres, cotton and wool

These Journals offer a beautiful long lasting tactile finish, they are debossed and infilled using a unique process which is better than simple printing.

Include your brand messaging and tell a story with creative cards.

Did you know that in addition to the colour and material, you can customise just about anything on some of our journals?

Part of our #CoffeeShopThinking idea is to pair Journals and notebooks with Pens and Coffee Mugs.

These beautiful addition to the desk, office, home, wherever will ensure that your brand is always top of your clients mind!

Eyecatching and colourful mugs can be customised to really reflect your brand! Click Here for More

Eco recycled coffee mugs make a wonderful giveaway for at home or at an event

Thermo and glass mugs ensure coffee stays warm on the go!

Add an ECO Pens to your promotional range from Cardboard to Bamboo.

Metal Pens can be printed or engraved and make great gifts and promotional

giveaways. Many styles and colours available to suit every brand. Click here for more.

Send your Promotional Gifts out!

Just because you don't see your customers face to face or your event takes place online, doesn't mean you can't take the opportunity to create a feel-good experience for them! We have a distribution service allowing us to take care of dispatch and delivery to multiple addresses, just provide a list and we will take care of the rest!

Colouring is known to be a great mindful activity. These notebook/colouring books are a unique way to combine a bit of fun and relaxation into the work day.

Contact me directly today to order any of these products above. Hope you are having a great start into 2022 Karl


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