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Which branded promotional items are Iconic?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Discover Iconic promotional products for you and your customers!

iconic products selection

We are bringing it back to classic products that have stood the test of time. Fads and fashions, these items are known and loved in our industry. There are revisions and extensions to the product lines. They may have become more eco-friendly whilst not compromising on what makes them iconic. They also include modern printing techniques and options, achieving your brand's best look and finish.

In addition, most of the products sourced here come in a wide selection of colours and bespoke options to find the best design to compliment your message. Standard colour selection is broad but we may often be able to Pantone colour matches. For any further information on individual products, contact Karl.

Whether you are looking for ideas for events, conferences, or giveaways, all the inspiration you need is right here.

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You will find each product for your consideration displayed below with examples of what your branded design could look like.

the humble t-shirt

  • multiple styles

  • vast range of colours

  • mens, women's, children's and unisex options

the Parker jotter pen

  • ballpoint

  • blue or black ink

  • classic packaging

Bic 4 colour pen

  • full colour print

  • your colour or design

  • 50 years of this iconic pen


You probably used or wanted one as a child? Evermore popular today.

Who would have thought 50 years from conception you could buy a limited edition for over £20,000!

the humble pencil

red, blue, green, yellow and natural wood classic pencils with print
  • various lengths

  • choose your colour

  • round-screen and front or back barrel print positions


  • classic designs

  • lined or unlined

  • range of colours and sizes

sticky notes

  • eco-friendly options

  • coloured paper options

  • range of shapes and sizes


  • range of accessories

  • one or two sided print

  • choices of print processes, colours and styles

silicone and festival wristbands

  • multiple print options

  • large range of colour choice

  • silicone or festival wristbands

Future iconic products

Here are a few products we believe will become classic promotional items in the years to come!

power banks

  • eco-friendly options

  • range of power capacity

  • different shapes and sizes

Drinks cups

  • full colour print options

  • classic mix and match cup and lid

  • large print area to incorporate digital designs such as QR codes

Lastly one of our faves, is the football with huge branding area and potential. They are available in full size or mini. We can brand every panel in up to 4 colours at one cost.

competing nations football JF Hillebrand version

If you have any other products in mind that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to ask. We have a wide range of suppliers we source from with hundreds of bespoke brandable products. Alternatively, head to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for further ideas! To inquire about or order any of these products, contact me today. Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you come back again next time! Karl 00442088411252

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